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About the foundation

The Calulo Group is wholly committed to direct and active involvement in  initiatives that improve the lives of the less fortunate. The Calulo Foundation Trust  was established by the group in 2005 as a registered Public Benefit Organisation through which the Calulo Group and its associate partners drive their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

The ethos of the Calulo Foundation is to give something to someone who has no prospect of paying you back


To be highly instrumental in the implementation of effective community  development programmes that transform the lives of the less fortunate, by providing efficient service and resources.


To apply socio economic and enterprise development models through which to identify and support programmes which improve, transform and sustain the lives of the less fortunate, whilst enabling them to develop skills so that they can play an active role in the economy.


The Calulo Foundation has investments in Calulo Investments and Umlilo Energy Solutions. With the dividends from both Calulo Investments and Umlilo Energy, the Foundation is able to sustain and run its projects and initiatives efficiently.


As an independent body, the Calulo Foundation is represented and run by its Trustees who are tasked with:

• overseeing the programmes associated with and undertaken by the Calulo Foundation,

• monitoring the effectiveness of the Calulo Foundation and the programmes, and

• determining whether these programmes are consistent with the objectives of the Calulo Foundation.

Their roles also include fiduciary oversight, and protection of the funds and assets of the Calulo Foundation by ensuring their proper use.

The Calulo Way

with absolute integrity and driven to excel within an equitable meritocracy,
changing the lives of those less fortunate along our path.