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Enterprise Development

A key focus area of the Calulo Foundation is the support of Enterprise  Development Projects. Our handson approach to understanding all the Enterprise Development projects we support ensures that we are able to assist with accelerating development, sustainability, as well as financial and  operational independence. The main objective of our strategy is to promote economic empowerment through capacity building, creation of strategic partnerships within the Calulo Group, mentoring support, as well as financial assistance.

"Contributing to the vision of a skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path."

Siyavuna Tyre Recycling Project

The Siyavuna Tyre Recycling Project is an initiative run by The House of  Resurrection, which is aimed at generating income to further sustain the home by  recycling old tyres for the production of products such as bags, wallets, fruit  baskets, mats, etc. The House of Resurrection has agreements with local businesses for the supply of the needed raw material.

Siyolise Cooperative

Ngqushwa Special Needs Services Centre is a day care facility for the elderly which is running a beading programme as one of their recreational programmes for the grannies. All beadwork that is made is sold and the proceeds are used for the elderly ladies’ needs.

Zandi’s Angels

Zandi’s Angels Orphanage and Day Care Centre runs a recycling project to help generate income to pay for some of the orphanage expenses. They collect cans and plastic containers throughout the month and sell them at the end of every month.

People Helping People’s Hydroponic Gardening Project

People Helping People is a feeding scheme running the Hydroponic Gardening Project, where vegetable plants are grown in water filled with nutrients and enriched liquids. This soil-less method of gardening helps speed up the process of vegetable production, ensuring increased productivity and supply for clients. The vegetables are packed and sold to local clients like NGOs, local business, hotels and companies.

Lubz on Wheels

Lubz on Wheelz is a distributor and wholesaler of Total SA lubricants focusing on the taxi industry as its niche market. Further to this, Lubz on Wheelz has  identified an opportunity in the Automotive Maintenance Service Sector. They intend to set up a mobile oil changing service that will provide modern, quick and convenient preventative maintenance to the Automotive industry.