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Supplier Development

"A supplier development program that seeks to expand capabilities, drive job creation and increase sustainability."

The Calulo Foundation is a great supporter of entrepreneurship and seeks to nurture, grow and help sustain SMMEs. It does this by providing business development support on behalf of those Calulo Group companies that wish to contribute towards the various small businesses the Calulo Foundation supports. By so doing, the Calulo Foundation acts as a supplier by providing services, and these supplier development contributions made by these Group Companies to the Calulo Foundation add up towards their BEE Scoring under the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) scorecard under the BEE Codes.

The Calulo Foundation Services include:

  • Identifying Skills Development, Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development beneficiaries
  • Sustainability and Financial Independence strategy development
  • Assistance with appropriate training and mentoring
  • Overall project support

Supplier Development Programme

Over and above the service of being a supplier, the Calulo Foundation has identified projects and companies within the oil industry with which they work and support. This support comes in the form of teaching, guiding, mentorship and resource support to improve their performance and help foster growth within the organisations, leading to improvements in the total added value in terms of product or service offering, business processes and BBBEE rating. The main aim of our supplier development program is to help these suppliers become more sustainable in service to their clients and the marketplace as a whole.

Zandi’s Used Oil Recycling

Used oil recycling has recently become part of Zandi’s Angels business initiative, in partnership with FFS Refiners, South Africa’s largest supplier of industrial heating fuels. FFS Refiners’ assistance towards this enterprise includes direct trade with FFS Refiners, providing used oil tanks, providing transportation for oil collection, and assisting with all compliance documentation and processes.

Oasis 828 Waste Recycling

Oasis 828 Waste Recycling was started as a way of turning other people’s waste into cash to enable them to help the needy.

DNF Waste and Environmental Services Used Oil Recycling

DNF Waste and Environmental Services (DNF), a 100% female owned business established to collect and recycle used lubricating oil and related waste in the greater Buffalo City Municipal Area. DNF was identified as a suitable Enterprise Development through the Calulo Foundation in order to assist FFS Refiners in its objective of accelerating the development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence of a female owned business as well as expand FFS Refiners’ used lubricating oil collection foot print in the Eastern Cape. DNF therefore does direct trading with FFS Refiners.